First step … a map and a direction

Welcome on board!

As usual, I want to touch a lot of topics and if possible each of them simultaneously. But, to be short, this blog should cover the world of “information” from roots (data and processes) to its derivatives (knowledge and wisdom). How to capture the needs, how to design this ideal world, how to build it, how to assert its quality and improve it and finally how to support it.Compass and Map

Evolution is the keyword. We, as humans, need to evolve or we’ll die but we can’t forget the past or it’ll just be a repetition of the same mistakes or an eternal first step. It’s the same for the information world we’re building. Today, we must prepare the steps of tomorrow and support the foundation built yesterday. I’ll share with you my vision of how we could do this.

Be prepared to dive in a world of Domain Models, Data Governance, Business Intelligence, Big Data where Requirements, Design, Implementation, Quality Assessments are achievable artifacts.