SQL Saturday in Vienna and MS Cloud Summit in Paris to start in 2017

I’m sitting in my couch, watching a movie with my daughters, reminiscing about holidays, and getting ready for the first speaking engagements of 2017.

sql-saturday-579-viennaI’m completely thrilled to be invited to Vienna on January 20th to speak at SQL Saturday #579. I’ll be tackling a rather difficult subject … testing BI solutions. During this session, we’ll look to the features of the open-source framework named nbi. This framework is providing support for automated tests on the fields of databases, cubes, reports and ETLs, without the need of .Net skills. The demos will show us the best approaches to quickly and effectively assert the quality of BI developments. We’ll go a step further, generating the tests by an interesting system of templates and test-cases sources.

mscloudsummit-paris-2017I’ll also be speaking (in French) in Paris at the MS Cloud Summit Paris 2017. The topic will be Azure Stream Analytics. This is a completely new session and it’s taking a lot of patience, perseverance, and hard work to get ready (and to be honest it’s not 100% finished). Building the slide deck is the quick and easy part. But designing the demo scenarios, scripting and testing the demos, is the time-consuming part (Then will come the practicing part).

For both conferences, if Business Intelligence is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other topics to choose from. With sessions geared toward Database Development, Database Administration/Security and even, in Paris, Office 365, Power Flow, Power Apps, Azure functions, … Both conferences offer a wide variety of content for everyone.

See you there?


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