Speaking at Journées SQL Server 2015

I’ll be speaking (in French) about Power BI during the next Journées SQL Server 2015 at Paris (To be 100% honest it’s not Paris but Issy-les-Moulineaux … at around 100m of Paris).


This is great event with a lot of really interesting topics: New features of SQL Server 2016 (SQL Engine and BI), Power BI, BI in the Cloud and some DBA tips & tricks.

My session will be about the architecture and new features. I’ll explain the different components of the Power BI suite, their roles and what you can achieve with them: especially with DirectQuery, Live SSAS, scheduled refreshes, Personal Gateway, the API and some others not so well known features. I’ll also take a few minutes to introduce new (killing) small but productive features introduced in the last releases and that you could have not seen.

If you want to spent a day with Power BI, note that you’ve the possibility to have three additional sessions about Power BI: Data Viz, Dev and Embedded.

Personally in addition to the two keynotes (I should introduce the Power BI track during the keynote of the second day) I plan to follow some sessions:

  • “Always On 2016: Que va-t-il se passer” by Nicolas Soukoff [t]. To be honest, I’m surely not a specialist of AlwaysOn, it’s clearly not my domain. Will surely learn many things.
  • “Azure Data Warehouse & Data Lake” by Romain Castères [t] & Frank Mercier [t]. I’m not professionally working these two topics but I’m sure it will come in a near future and I prefer to stay relatively up-to-date with these technologies
  • “REX Déploiement continu OLTP & SSIS” is also on my short list but at the same moment that “Boîte à outils pour le MDX”. I’ll surely have to make a hard choice.

See you there?


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