SqlSatExpo (Torino) on October 10th

The “SQL Sat Expo” aka SQLSaturday Torino #454, will be held on October 10th. I’m honored to announce that I will be speaking! I will be presenting my session about “automating the testing of your BI solutions with NBi”.

If you want to accelerate the testing of your BI solutions, the best strategy is the automation of your tests with the help of a dedicated framework. During this session, we’ll take a look to the features of the open-source framework named “NBi” (nbi.codeplex.com). This framework is providing support for automated tests on the fields of databases, cubes, reports and ETLs, without the need of .Net skills. The demos will show us the best approaches to quickly and effectively assert the quality of BI developments. We’ll go a step further, generating the tests by an interesting system of templates and test-cases sources.

Take a look at the impressive schedule and register. Personally, I plan to learn from Mladen Prajdić (b|t) about “Visualizing streaming data in real time”, that’s 99.9% sure. I will also be present to, at least, one of the sessions about AzureML distilled by Davide Mauri (g|b|t) or Dejan Sarka (b|t). Sessions about “Azure SQL Datawarehouse” and “Azure Data Factory” by Luca Ferrari (b) and Francesco Diaz (b|t) are also on my short list. And, it doesn’t mean that I want change my mind at the last minute or that other sessions are not interesting.

On Sunday, I’ll visit the Universal Exposition held at Milano. That’s a great opportunity to combine some learning and cultural perspectives. Eager to be there!


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