Speaking engagements at the end of summer

During the last months, I’ve received a few public or private messages from people asking me to speak at more events. Good news for them, they will have a couple of opportunities to listen to me at the end of this summer.

The 29th of August, I’ll be at the Oslo SQL Saturday. The topic will cover a good introduction to NBi, the open-sourced testing framework that I’m developing.

This event has a lot of sessions about BI and I’m really interested to assist at some of them. The DBA/development track is also interesting with some deep dives … and all sessions are in English. It will be difficult to make a choice.

The 5th of September, I’ll be at Paris for another SQL Saturday. I’ll be speaking (in french) about SSDT-DB (SQL Server Data Tools). The idea of the session is to demonstrate to skeptical (potential) users that SSDT is effectively covering “complex” use-cases. When I’m informally discussing about SSDT, I often receive a remark such as “yes, but it’s not working for my case because …” and most of the time my answer is “SSDT supports this by …”. The session will have a lot of demo where I’ll explain how to solve these “complex” cases. I’ll also show you some hidden benefits of using SSDT.

The list of sessions is extremely interesting and it will be difficult to make a choice. Hopefully, a couple of sessions are proposed at Oslo and Paris. I’ll have two opportunities to assist to them.


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