Month: September 2014

Back from SQL Saturday #323 at Paris

Last week-end, I was at the SQL Saturday #323 in Paris to present a session about tests automation for BI solutions with the framework NBi.

The venue (Montparnasse Tower) was really a great place to host a SQL Saturday event and the organizers did a really good job. I got to attend sessions on topics I usually don’t work on (DQS, HDInsight) and learned new things that way. It was a long day, but a great day! What I enjoyed the most was meeting everyone in person and getting to know new people. Special thanks to Florian Eiden (b|t), the man who spotted me and my project traipsing on the web but also Charles-Henri Sauget (b|t), Romain Castères (b|t), Patrice Harel (b) and other members of the GUSS’s Board. Also wanted to thanks Oliver Engels (t) and Tillmann Eitelberg (t) for the interesting discussions and encouragement about the project NBi.

The source code of the different demos performed during the session is available here. The slide deck (in french) has been uploaded on SlideShare. I’ll translate it in English soon.

I also get an interesting question from Romuald Coutaud during the session about the way the query was effectively executed on SQL Server depending on its origin (NBi or SSRS). To be honest, I hadn’t fully understood the question at the first glance, it’s probably why I’ve given a vague answer. I’ve checked my final assumption during my journey back to Belgium and can confirm that there is no difference between the query emitted by NBi and the query emitted by SSRS. NBi and SSRS are both using the .Net Sql Client provider and this provider is executing a sp_executesql stored procedure with the statement and parameters provided as arguments. Based on this, both query plans should be identical.